• Dominic Craske (Chemistry)

    "The Foundation Year was a brilliant opportunity for me to gain entry into my chosen degree having not reached my potential in my A-levels and it was essentially a second chance for me. The Foundation Year… gives a brilliant insight into what you study within the first year."
  • Archie Villiers-Stuart (Civil Engineering)

    "The foundation year provided me with a way of completely changing the potential career paths which I could access, while providing the academic tools required to get there. Doing the foundation year integrated me into University life before I had even begun my actual degree subject."
  • Sajeda Barni (Petroleum Engineering)

    "I found the Foundation Studies programme very helpful and it orientates us efficiently to our degree studies. The lecturers are excellent, the tutorial sessions are very useful, the staff are very cooperative and the level of education is so high and very beneficial."


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